Thank you!

When I started sharing my pictures on 500px.com five years ago, I wondered how in the world it was possible to get 1000 likes … I got maybe one or two for my first pics, sometimes even none at all. Well, I worked hard over the last years, improved my skills (and my vision), and today I passed the mark of 30.000 likes. Not too bad for a non-professional…

This is a chance to say thank you – to everybody who did like one of my images, named it a favourite, or commented on it. Thank you to the guys at 500px.com who run this platform which may have its flaws … but which is still the best open photo platform on the web. And, thank you to all the people who share their images, their ideas, their opinions, and their knowledge on the web.

Please feel free to comment on my pics, share them, like them … every appreciation is appreciated!


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Aachener Dom


How do you like this one? I tried to create some fine art work out of a pic of the Aachen Cathedral  (a wonderful church, by the way). Usually, I take pics of modern buildings for my work; applying the principles of b/w fine art to an old building (the oldest part dates back to the year 800) proved to be quite a challenging task.

Please tell me if you like this or not – I’m very interested to hear your opinion.

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