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März 2016

Introducing my new series „The Frame“

The frame_Köln2_IMG_6560_web

I just started working on my 2016 series „The Frame“. The idea is to combine two images which have a common idea or theme using an old Frame (as can be seen above). Below, you can see the „inner“ image in a larger scale. The Frame_Köln_Basis2_IMG_6560 als Smartobjekt-1_web

The frame_Köln1_IMG_6536_web

The third pic shows a different inner image.

I’m looking forward to produce this series, got a whole bunch of ideas in my head. Stay tuned.


For sale!

wiedemannMeine Fotoarbeiten werden jetzt über die Webseite der Kollektion Wiedemann verkauft. My photographic works are now for sale on Kollektion Wiedemann’s web page.


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