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Introducing my new series „The Frame“

The frame_Köln2_IMG_6560_web

I just started working on my 2016 series „The Frame“. The idea is to combine two images which have a common idea or theme using an old Frame (as can be seen above). Below, you can see the „inner“ image in a larger scale. The Frame_Köln_Basis2_IMG_6560 als Smartobjekt-1_web

The frame_Köln1_IMG_6536_web

The third pic shows a different inner image.

I’m looking forward to produce this series, got a whole bunch of ideas in my head. Stay tuned.


Five minutes @ Pont Neuf

For a black-and-white photographer, dealing with colour images always seems to be kind of an adventure. Last week, I took this pic in Paris – a five minute exposure during the blue hour, using the fabulous Firecrest ND 16 filter.The original image is on the right side below.

I love those clouds (even thought about introducing a new category called „Cloudporn“ …), and a first black and white conversion didn’t convince me. So I did a colour version (right side, up) which I did like much more. But … I redid it again and added kind of a vintage look (image on the left), in my opinion the best version. So the question to you is: Do you agree with me? Or am I completely wrong?

New series: „Vision“


Today, I launch my all-new series of fine art architectural images – it’s called „Vision“. The basic idea is to combine two images of the same location (building) in order to create new ways of perception. Enjoy!

Maastricht – Test Fuji X-E1

Maastricht_DSF1436_VergleichIch glaube ja nicht daran, dass die Qualität der Arbeit eines Fotografen vom Preis seiner Kamera abhängt. Gleichwohl … wenn man viel Zeit in seine Arbeit steckt, will man natürlich auch die bestmöglichen Resultate erzielen. Und wenn die Kamera-Objektiv-Kombination zum Gelingen eines Projekts beiträgt, ist es zumindest legitim, sich mal ein Bild zu machen. Nun denn: Ich habe den Kollegen Holger Glaab für eine kleine Fotosafari in Maastricht (NL) getroffen, und er hat mir netterweise seine Fuji X-E1 mit dem Samyang Fisheye für einen ausführlichen Test zur Verfügung gestellt. Eines des Ergebnisse seht Ihr hier – oben der Vergleich des unbearbeiteten JPG-Bildes (OOC, links) mit dem von mir bearbeiteten Bild (rechts). Mit Silkypix habe ich vier Varianten aus einer RAW-Datei erstellt (-2 LW, -1 LW, 0, +1 LW) und diese dann mittels Ebenen und Masken sinnvoll kombiniert.


Danach folgen natürlich noch viele weitere Arbeitsschritte …

Zusammenfassend kann man sagen, dass die Grundschärfe sehr gut ist, zudem bietet das RAW satte Reserven für die Bildbearbeitung. Die grausamen Farbverschiebungen im Original-JPG gehen nicht auf Kosten der Kamera, sondern sind auf die Fensterscheiben des Gebäudes zurückzuführen.

Hier noch einmal das fertige Bild:


The Ring II


another image from Vroenhoven


The Ring


Update: „The ring“ was just published by! (

Shot taken at Vroenhoven, Belgium. Exit of a pedestrian tunnel under the bridge crossing the Albertkanaal. The place is less than 50 kilometres form my hometown, but only recently I found out about it.


Juxtaposition – Shape – I


First pic of the new Juxtaposition series

New series „Juxtaposition“

Juxtaposition – unexpected combinations of colours, shapes and ideas

For years, my creative work has been focusing on architectural photography. Mostly, the images were black and white; the pictures showed 20th and 21st century buildings. Modern architecture is a world created of stone, steel, and glass. Hence, the images are defined by clear lines, patterns, and shapes, by a “cold” atmosphere. By using some elements of the Chiaroscuro style this effect is enhanced even further.

You’ll hardly find any fine art architectural photography showing people – mine included. But still, those buildings are created by human beings, and even more important, they are built to be used by people.

That’s the initial idea of my all-new series “Juxtaposition”, consisting of the two sub-series “Shape” and “Colour”. I want to create images which have both elements – architecture and portrait.

This project is a cooperation with fellow artist Kypris Athina who is not only a wonderful model but an excellent photographer and make up artist as well. Check out her work – you won’t regret!

My sincere thanks also go to my old friend Ingo Werner. Most of the pics were taken with his fabulous Canon 70-200/2.8 lens. Danke!

I will post the images of the Juxtaposition series on my blog and on various internet and social media platforms. Your comments and likes are hugely appreciated – feel free to share the images (and don’t forget to name the source …). So have fun and enjoy!

Guillemins Fine Art Project II/VII


No. 7.


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