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Introducing my new series „The Frame“

The frame_Köln2_IMG_6560_web

I just started working on my 2016 series „The Frame“. The idea is to combine two images which have a common idea or theme using an old Frame (as can be seen above). Below, you can see the „inner“ image in a larger scale. The Frame_Köln_Basis2_IMG_6560 als Smartobjekt-1_web

The frame_Köln1_IMG_6536_web

The third pic shows a different inner image.

I’m looking forward to produce this series, got a whole bunch of ideas in my head. Stay tuned.


Five minutes @ Pont Neuf

For a black-and-white photographer, dealing with colour images always seems to be kind of an adventure. Last week, I took this pic in Paris – a five minute exposure during the blue hour, using the fabulous Firecrest ND 16 filter.The original image is on the right side below.

I love those clouds (even thought about introducing a new category called „Cloudporn“ …), and a first black and white conversion didn’t convince me. So I did a colour version (right side, up) which I did like much more. But … I redid it again and added kind of a vintage look (image on the left), in my opinion the best version. So the question to you is: Do you agree with me? Or am I completely wrong?

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