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Casablanca calling

Mein großer Reisebericht mit vielen Fotos über den Besuch in Meknès (Marokko) ist jetzt online:ÖM_Meknes2016

Viel Spaß beim Lesen!



For sale!

wiedemannMeine Fotoarbeiten werden jetzt über die Webseite der Kollektion Wiedemann verkauft. My photographic works are now for sale on Kollektion Wiedemann’s web page.


Five minutes @ Pont Neuf

For a black-and-white photographer, dealing with colour images always seems to be kind of an adventure. Last week, I took this pic in Paris – a five minute exposure during the blue hour, using the fabulous Firecrest ND 16 filter.The original image is on the right side below.

I love those clouds (even thought about introducing a new category called „Cloudporn“ …), and a first black and white conversion didn’t convince me. So I did a colour version (right side, up) which I did like much more. But … I redid it again and added kind of a vintage look (image on the left), in my opinion the best version. So the question to you is: Do you agree with me? Or am I completely wrong?

Five minutes @ Paris

IMG_6444 als Smartobjekt-1_webNew photo – using the Firecrest ND 16 filter for the first time. It allows using exposure times around five minutes in daylight conditions

Five minutes @ Paris at

Vision VII

Vision VII von Arnd Gottschalk auf


Published … and published!

Two brandnew publications …


„Guillemins Fine Art Project“ was published in STARK-Magazine No. 41 (

„My Mokum – II – RAI building“ was published in Hot Shots 6 by Camerapixo (FB group Being Published Matters).

Editors‘ Choice

Terribly proud to see my humble efforts in a line with international fine art photographers …

Editors‘ Choice on

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